7 Best Money Saving Apps For Kids

A couple of the most overlooked areas of learning in our school systems are “organizing” and “money management.” Often these non-academic topics are taught in the home rather than the classroom, and I find so many of my clients are asking for answers. They want answers for teaching their kids the value of money, money management, how to budget and how to save.

I have seven money saving apps for kids to share with you – and you know the best part? By sharing these ideas with your kids, you can experience a financial “touch up” of your own as you prepare for the year ahead. Oh heck, some of them are so easy and fun – you may want to use them yourself!

Start ‘Em Young with “Piggybot”

What it does: If your children want to see how much they have amassed in their savings, PiggyBot may be the ticket. Kids use

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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