7 Ways to Boost the Love and Balance the Tech in Your Family

What if the most valuable gift you could give your sweetheart — or your family — cost you absolutely nothing? What if Valentine’s Day was less about candy and teddy bears and more about giving your undivided attention (minus your device) to the people in front of you?

When it comes to technology use, our relationships are taking a hit, if you ask the more than 13,000 adults who participated in Intel’s Security recent survey, “Connected Relationships.”

What is our tech use costing us? A lot according to 40% of survey respondents who felt their significant other paid more attention to their device when they were together. Another 33% said they’ve had to compete with their date’s device for attention on a first date.

The struggle—and the rift—is real: 45% respondents said they got into an argument with a friend, significant other, or family member over being on a device…

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