Are Your Devices Killing the Romance in Your Relationship?

If you ever feel like your partner’s device is the ‘third person’ in your relationship, then you are not alone. It appears many of us are becoming increasingly frustrated with the impact technology is having on our relationships – and Cupid isn’t happy!

Aussies are renowned worldwide for our love of technology. In fact, the Pew Research Centre in the US ranks us 2nd worldwide as the country with the largest share of adult smartphone ownership. But new research from McAfee shows that our tech obsession might have gone a little too far as many Aussies believe they are competing with smartphones for the attention of their loved ones.

It appears our love of devices ‘knows no bounds’ with research participants reporting technology interference in relationships of all stages. Concerningly, 23% of couples on first dates reported that they felt they were competing with their date’s smartphone for attention during their…

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