How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexting

“Sexting sounds harmless; after all, they are not doing ‘it’” says many parents. Actually, sexting is a form of “it” – the electronic sending and receiving of photos and videos that are sexually suggestive or explicit which often contain nudity, sex acts or texted sexual messages. Sexting often starts as a solicited request from one teen to another, containing promises of privacy, true love, or popularity.

Instead, many teens find that the content becomes public, love is equated with sexual activity and popularity comes at the teen’s expense. Trying to reason with an adolescent often feels like a losing battle for most parents on many issues. Teens feel invincible, act impulsively, and are craving for attention. They feel dangerously in denial of real consequences, often experiencing a questioning parent as a nag retorting “don’t worry about this: I’ve got it.” You need to worry about it. And these are some

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