Tween Years Are The Most Stressful For Moms

Forget the “terrible twos”, tween years are hard for everyone, including teachers, coaches, and caregivers, but a new study shows that these years are especially hard on moms. Middle school is the most trying time for children with the combination of adolescence, growing peer pressure, hormonal changes and their search for a unique identity. Since moms place such a large amount of their identity on the well-being of their kids, it makes sense that this time is especially difficult for them as well.

Many people assume the first year of motherhood is the most difficult, with the new learnings, fears, and anxieties that come along with an infant. Interestingly, though, a new study from the National Institutes of Health say that raising a tween is the most stressful. This could be because new moms usually have an abundance of support, both emotionally and physically, during this huge transition. Their worries and

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