Twitter adds three new safety changes to curb abuse on platform

Twitter has announced major safety changes to the platform to make it a safer environment for all.

Improvement to reporting abusive Tweets

Twitter’s primary focus is to become a safer place.  They stand for freedom of expression and people being able to see all sides of any topic. That’s put in jeopardy when abuse and harassment stifle and silence those voices. Twitter are launching new efforts to stop it.

To give people more control over what they see on Twitter, last week they introduced an improvement to reporting abusive Tweets which gives people experiencing targeted harassment more ways to report it.

Twitter have announced three main changes:

Stopping the creation of new abusive accounts

Bringing forward safer search results

Collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets 

Stopping the creation of new abusive accounts:

They’re taking steps to identify people who have been permanently…

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