What do you do if your child is addicted to online gaming?

Last year, Emma’s 14-year-old son, Jack*, became addicted to online gaming. Here, Emma shares her experience to offer support to other parents.

Our family is a little larger than average, and it makes for a busy household. We’ve never really had much time to play computer games, except the odd game on the iPad for the little ones.

Minecraft – first steps into online gaming

When Jack was 11, he started to play a little Minecraft, but it wasn’t until he went into his second year of secondary school that he really got into gaming. At first, screen time was strictly limited to two hours a day, and the games Jack had access to were always approved by either myself or his Dad.

We’d been to several school presentations about Internet security, and we felt as though we’d done our homework. We felt secure that we were…

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