When Your Child Wants to Become A Blogger

Whether it’s a special interest, a desire publish her own words, or community-building, your child has expressed interest in starting a blog.

If you’ve never blogged yourself, it can be overwhelming to guide your child, or even making sure they are staying safe while blogging online. Consider this a primer, in which we’ll give you a crash course in blogging platforms and what you need to know.

Benefits of blogging

There are a lot of reasons to encourage and support your child, should they decide to start a blog of her own. Blogging can improve a child’s writing and communication skills, as well as give them a greater understanding of the inner-workings of the Internet and basic computer coding. It’s up to you to decide whether the benefits outweigh possible risks for your child.

Blogging Risks

Once your child puts information on the Internet, it’s there forever. And if your child accidentally posts identifying

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