YouTube Takes On Facebook With Mobile Live

It’s official, folks. YouTube is live! If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, let me get you up to speed.

Recently, YouTube rolled out a new functionality – the ability to stream live from your mobile phone. With hours of live, in-the-moment content available at their fingertips, YouTube fans can now watch their favorite personalities or brands and interact with them as they stream. What does this mean to parents? Caution. Now your child has access to hours of unedited, raw footage where anything can happen.

After starting with an initial test of YouTube personalities, they are now challenging Facebook for the live streaming crown. While this feature is currently only available to channels with over 10,000 subscribers, by the end of 2017 anyone will be able to live stream from their phone. Find out why this matters to your kids – and what you should be on the lookout for.


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