How To Bank Smart On Your Smartphone

Life before mobile banking just seems so rudimentary now. Trying to find your cheque book, those silly bank statements (which you know you put in a safe place), or even a carpark near the bank feels old school now.

When banking became available online, the people cheered. What a huge time saver. But when banking apps became available on mobile phones, the people roared. Life would never be the same again.

Whether it’s paying your electricity bill or even the flute teacher on the go, transferring money at the supermarket register, or locating an ATM when you need cash ASAP, mobile banking has been transformational.

But while there are massive upsides to mobile banking apps, it is essential that we understand the best way of managing the risks to avoid the potential downsides. Here are my top tips to ensure you stay safe while banking on your smartphone:

1. Never…

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