How To Set Up Parental Controls on Kindle

You’ve done your research and you’ve purchased a tablet with built-in parental control software, but do you know how to setup the parental controls on Kindle Fire? Let’s start with some basics, and then we’ll guide you through setting controls on your child’s Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD tablet.

While most mobile devices are equipped with their own parental control software, each vary in their offerings, and it’s important to realize that they are merely your first line of defense. Mobile device companies are not experts in creating parental control software, which is why having targeted software can help keep your family’s devices safe and secure. Net Nanny can help by providing parental control software that enables you to see exactly where your child is going online, alerting you to questionable subject areas, filtering what they’re viewing, and even blocking websites with inappropriate content.

Set A Password

Make sure your kindle is

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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