Is Rapid Tech Growth Leaving Your Family’s Digital Safety in the Dust?

It’s an exciting time to be alive, no doubt. We’ve evolved from tech enthusiasts to social connectors, to a to a culture steeped in a sophisticated digital lifestyle. Ease, speed, and efficiency drives every purchase. Still, the inconsistency hums: The more connected our families become, the more insecure we can feel about exactly how to protect them.

The recent global study from Intel, “New Family Dynamics in a Connected World,” confirms that while we are all increasingly connected, we’re still confused about the best way to secure our family from threats such as social predators and cyber criminals.

The rise in popularity of the smart home and its many connected devices has experts predicting that by 2020, “there will be more than 10.5 billion ‘things’ in homes worldwide.” Yes, the Internet of Things, IoT, is proliferating by the hour.

But with the growth of an IoT lifestyle, new family challenges are surfacing, according to…

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