Screen Time: Don’t Leave Kids Under 3 Alone

I will be the first to admit guilt when it comes to unsupervised screen time with my child. Having loaded highly-rated educational apps on my son’s tablet, I’ve let him learn the ins and outs by himself, assuming that he was building skills by navigating on his own.

According to the research, I should be playing alongside him. Unsupervised screen time in young children, specifically when dealing with educational apps, is not ideal, and not just because there could be content you don’t want your child being exposed to. In fact, most parents vet the apps we allow our toddlers and preschoolers to play, so we know that inappropriate content is not an issue. The pace and the extent of learning is greatly reduced when young children play apps without someone at their side guiding them, a new study from the Society for Research in Child Development contends.

We already know that

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