What parents need to know about ‘digital self-harm’

Dr Linda offers advice on how digital platforms are now being used by teens as to self-harm ‘digitally’ and what parents can do to support their children through it.

It is estimated that about 1 in 10 people self-harm (source: Royal College of Psychiatrists) but this is probably an underestimation as many people do not seek help for self-harm, feel ashamed or even try and hide it.

I, like most psychologists that work with young people, have seen a sort of normalisation to self-harm over the past few years, with more young people discussing it or having encountered it in their friendship groups.

Part of this is that I believe has to do with the fact that mental illnesses have a ‘contagious’ component whereby we become sensitised to the way others feel and if we are prone to similar feelings attempt to deal with them like those…

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