Finsta: What You Need to Know About Your Teen’s Fake Instagram Account

Creating a Finsta (fake Instagram) account on the popular photo platform, Instagram has become the norm for many teens. After all, where’s a teen to go online to get away from the always prying eyes of parents, teachers, employers, coaches, and even other peers? Exactly, if it isn’t Finsta, it will be somewhere else eventually.

Because Instagram now allows users to create and toggle quickly between multiple accounts, teens started creating Finsta accounts. Finsta, in contrast to Instagram accounts, serves multiple purposes, according to the handful of teens I talked to.

Here’s the upside of Finsta: Finsta is a place they can be themselves outside of the filter-driven, perfect-photo culture of Instagram. Sounds refreshing, right? While teens often post to Instagram to garner a high number of likes and quick compliments, on Finsta, it’s understood that likes, perfect photos, and shallow comments are not the goal. Instead, teens that post…

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