Fridge-Worthy Tech Rules for Your Babysitter

Setting social media boundaries for our babysitter is not something that would have crossed my mind…until my son talked about the game he’d played on her phone. To be clear, I’m not concerned about the content of the game because I know our babysitter’s parents set strict rules for the media she’s permitted to consume. What took me back about this situation is that I never even considered the fact that a cell phone would be present at all (despite our lack of a landline).

Living in the digital age means that you need a social media checklist, in addition to emergency contacts, for your babysitter.

“It’s important to not only be forthright with your babysitters about the rules that you want followed in your home, but also to be clear with your own children.”Outline clear expectations

Assume that social media is going to enter the mix, either with your babysitter or your

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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