6 Ways to ‘Just Say No’ to Obsessive Digital Digging

If an app existed that tracked the minutes we spent looking at other people’s social profiles online (much like a Fitbit that tracks physical steps), some of us might quietly slip into a state shock.

Call it what you will — creeping, Facebook stalking, digital digging — it’s a habit that could be sucking up your time and even your life. Sometimes it’s an innocent click on Facebook to see what an old friend is up to. Only that click might lead to an interesting comment left by a mutual friend you totally forgot about, which inspires a few more clicks that might lead to several other pages and before long you are in the digital equivalent of Istanbul with no idea how you got there.

Other clicks aren’t so innocent, especially when it comes to tweens and teens. Young love has the internet buzzing with profile hopping and ex-stalking.…

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