How to Set Parental Controls for Wii

Setting limits on appropriate content and communications is incredibly simple on the Nintendo Wii, even if control options are relatively limited.

How Do Wii Parental Controls Work?

Nintendo designed content control for the Wii and Wii mini around ESRB ratings, allowing parents to set the highest possible content rating usable without inputting their PIN. You can also restrict unapproved access to:

The Internet Channel (web browsing) The News Channel User Generated Content and Online Communication Use of Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel

In order to prevent tampering or accidental damage, activating Wii parental controls will automatically block access to key administrative settings. Users will no longer be able to modify Internet or WiiConnect24 settings, apply system updates, or format system memory without inputting a PIN.

What These Ratings Mean

ESRB ratings are set based on the most mature elements present in the final release of a game and the frequency with which they

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