Privacy Awareness Week 2017: It’s Time To Talk More To Your Kids

Attention, parents with kids between 8 and 17! Here’s a statistic that is probably going to make you squirm – apologies in advance. Conversations between Aussie parents and their kids about cyber safety have dropped an alarming 23% compared to previous years. Eeeekkk! This startling statistic is part of research conducted by McAfee and Life Education to mark the start of Privacy Awareness Week in Australia.

Let’s Look At The Key Stats

The research, entitled ‘Trust and Transparency in Australian Family Households‘, surveyed over 1,000 Aussie adults and kids to gather insights on the online behaviour of both adults and kids. And the results are NOT great. We have taken our eye off the ball, parents, and we need to fix it ASAP!!! Here’s why:

Compared to previous years, conversations with our kids about online safety are down a whopping 23%!! 41% of Aussie kids admit to hiding their online…

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