What Else Kids Give Away When They Share Passwords

Tweens and teens share clothes, secrets, and homework notes but there’s something else your kids may be sharing that isn’t so wise — their passwords.

Password sharing has become a symbol of trust between friends and a sign of intimacy between significant others so much so that most teens aspire to password sharing as “relationship goals.”

Ask the dozen oft-surveyed teens in my world, and they happily explain that password sharing is “no big deal,” “fun,” “what besties do.” Sharing also “proves to people you trust them” and is “the best way to keep tabs on a boyfriend or girlfriend; you know, just to be sure they are behaving.”

But before you cringe at this seeming naiveté, wait. A recent survey World Password Day from McAfee [ADD LINK to STUDY & GRAPHIC], reveals that 59% of people surveyed are comfortable sharing their passwords with other people. People share passwords with…

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