Instagram is the Most Negative Social Platform – But That Isn’t the Full Story

You may have heard the newswire loudly broadcast headlines from a new study #StatusOfMind stating that Instagram was the worst social platforms for teens, which is true as far as some aspects of the Instagram platform, but what was sorely missed by all the national media was the full story. I recognize that there are many concerning issues with Instagram, in fact, we recently blogged about how Instagram is a magnet for cyberbullying. However, even reputable news organizations did not take the time to share the results of a full study, instead, they were too busy newsjacking sensational headlines.

Source: Status of Mind study

Parents need to understand the entire reality of the social platforms (good and bad) that impact all of our lives but especially our children. Social media use is highest among 16-24 years old and these years are also critical in the foundation of emotional and psychosocial development. In

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