4 Easy Bedtime Rules to Help Your Kids Unwind

Talk to any parent, and undoubtedly the topic of sleep will come up. For me, sleep was an incredibly difficult subject because neither I nor my son got any for the first nine months. To make a long story short, we enlisted the help of a sleep consultant, and have been on the right path ever since. I’m going to share some easy bedtime rules to help your kids unwind and unplug, as well as to ensure that the entire family gets the rest they need.

Survey the Bedroom Environment

Before you lay down bedtime ground rules, take a look around your child’s room. Is your kiddo’s bedroom a peaceful place, or is it rife with toys and other items that stimulate the brain? Your child’s bedroom should convey the room’s purpose, and should be conducive to rest and slumber.

My son’s room, for example, is devoid of any toys (unless you count

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