6 Nifty Tech Hacks that Every Parent Should Know

I’ve been a professional organizer for over 20 years. While the work is still the same, it seems to have a new name. It is called life hacks. Per Wikipedia, a hacker is any highly-skilled computer expert capable of breaking into computer systems and/or networks. A life hacker, such as myself, is an expert in cutting through the clutter so life can become more efficient, satisfying or user-friendly (i.e. using an empty egg carton to store earrings and necklaces or even holiday tree ornaments). Like hacks are usually comprised of simple items or simple actions taken from your everyday life.

Today, I would like to share 6 nifty tech hacks for you to deal with (or prevent) life’s little tech upsets. Ready?

Exercise Your Right to Override the Alarm

Without mentioning any names (ahem), you may know someone in your own home (possibly between the ages of 10 – 18) who has an

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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