What Every Parent Needs to Know About “YouTube Pranks”

If you have kids, they are on YouTube. Everyone seems to be watching videos on YouTube these days, but kids especially are glued to the popular site. In fact, accordingly to Stage of Life, 75% of teens seek advice through YouTube channels.

That’s a lot of eyeballs on YouTube videos.

With 91% of teens aged 13-17 watching any of the 4 billion videos viewed each day, there is some cause for concern. Not just with the sheer volume of videos that are available to kids via YouTube, but also with a growing trend of something much more worrisome.

YouTube Pranks – Fun or Fatal?

One of the issues with YouTube is that while there is access to lots of good information, there are also thousands of people trying to “go viral” at any given time. What does this mean? Collins Dictionary defines it as, “If a video, image, or story goes viral, it spreads

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