Is Our Smartphone Addiction Affecting Our Mental Health?

Your smartphone: how many times a day do you check it? Please be honest. And what about your teens? Is their smartphone permanently attached to their fingers?

In my world – I would absolutely hate to count. I often find it difficult to go anywhere without my phone without feeling a certain level of separation anxiety. And as for my kids… well, I sometimes think their smartphones are just another one of their body parts!

Research Shows Smartphone Addiction Is Rife

But the research shows that our little suburban family is not alone. In fact, we may be doing a lot better than we think. US mobile insight company Dscout studied the behaviours of Americans and deduced that an average user touches their phone over 2,600 times a day!! While the heaviest users (top 10%) clocked up a score of over 5,000 interactions! Absolutely mind-blowing!!

So, if the ‘average user’

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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