Do you know what your kids are doing online?

7 out of 10 teenagers
hide their online activity from their parents.

90% of boys & 60% of girls are exposed to pornography before 18.

Now is the time to get informed & protect your kids!

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Don’t Let the Grinch Hack Your Christmas!

What’s on your family’s Christmas list this year? Let me guess – technology! Our desire for shiny, fast, connected devices is almost a biological condition this time of year. However, our single-minded desire to get these devices in our hands at all costs, often means...


I gotta admit, I love a “Deal.” I think most of us do. So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and then we have Black Friday. You know, that day shoppers get up insanely early, storm their local retail stores, stand in ridiculous lines, possibly trample a bystander or two in a...

NCOSE Gives You the Tools To Succeed

Watch this short video highlighting some of our major efforts and wins in the fight for human dignity in 2017. Our supporters and donors make all of this possible, so please make a generous donation today! Any amount you choose to donate today will help us fulfill our...

Tech-Thankful: 10 Ways Technology Empowers Our Parenting Today

Have you taken a moment to reflect and collect a list of the things for which you are grateful this year? Here’s a kickstart: Imagine your life without _________________. Then, give thanks for those things. Once you get started on your list, you may have trouble...

Best connected toys, games and apps for the whole family to share

If you are planning some digital family quality time, here is a list of connected tech gadget, apps and toys that will help you explore the online world together. Activity on a vast proportion of smart devices was most certainly a solo pursuit a few years ago, for...

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