Do you know what your kids are doing online?

7 out of 10 teenagers
hide their online activity from their parents.

90% of boys & 60% of girls are exposed to pornography before 18.

Now is the time to get informed & protect your kids!

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Fortnite Parents Tips for Surviving the Battle over Summer

Image Credit: Epic Games Are you one of the many parents across the world this summer caught in the Fortnite trenches? Well you’re not alone. With over 125 million people playing the game worldwide Fortnite fever has taken hold in homes across the globe. Many parents...

When Churches Become Scenes of Sexual Abuse

This week a grand jury reported on documents from six Catholic Church dioceses in Pennsylvania that revealed  300 “predator priests” have been accused of sexually abusing over 1,000 children. The grand jury report states: We subpoenaed, and reviewed, half a million...

What support can I expect from my child’s school?

Safeguarding lead Michael Bell and online safety expert Mark Bentley provide a short summary of the policies and the guidelines that schools use to help keep children safe online. Safeguarding in schools All schools in England are under a statutory duty to safeguard...

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