Do you know what your kids are doing online?

7 out of 10 teenagers
hide their online activity from their parents (2012 survey)

93% of boys & 61% of girls are exposed to pornography before 18 (2008 survey)

If you want to learn how to Protect Your Kids online,
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The importance of cyber self-defense education

As recent headlines have highlighted, one thing is clear; there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in the world of cybersecurity. Whether it is companies being breached or personal data being offered to the highest bidder, it is an incredibly challenging job...

Haley Halverson Joins EWTN to Discuss Amending the CDA

Last night, our Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach Haley Halverson joined EWTN News Nightly and host Lauren Ashburn to discuss the sexual exploitation of boys and men.  She also explained what Congress can do to help prevent the sex trafficking of...

Pediatricians Speak Out on Health Risks of Porn

Would you ever consider talking about the risks of porn with your pediatrician? Do you think pornography is a kid’s health issue? Asking the doctor I was curious if parents do talk to their doctor about the risks of porn, so I called my brother-in-law....

Get your child involved in Pupil Voice Week 2017

Coordinated by tootoot, pupil voice week is designed to encourage primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of key issues, such as bullying, cyberbullying, racism, mental health and e-safety issues that children and young people may face on a daily basis....

iMessage, the Surprising Social Networking Platform for Teens

76 percent of U.S. teens own iPhones, making it the most popular smartphone with the 18 and under set. Given these statistics, and the fact that texting reigns supreme with younger smartphone users, it stands to reason that teens use iMessage more than any other app...

Number 1 App Used During School Hours is AirDrop

Did you know the most used app during school hours is not Snapchat or Instagram but AirDrop? And guess what – their teachers are using it too. Unlike some apps where you are limited to sending images or videos, AirDrop you can transfer any type of file (photos,...

3 Principles to Protect Your Kids from Porn Addiction

“The sins of a father are passed down to three of four generations ” (Exodus 20:5). We see this played out daily as porn or sex addiction often trickle down from our grandfathers to ourselves and eventually to our kids. But you can break the...

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