Do you know what your kids are doing online?

7 out of 10 teenagers
hide their online activity from their parents.

90% of boys & 60% of girls are exposed to pornography before 18.

Now is the time to get informed & protect your kids!

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5 Ways to Reset Your Family’s Digital Habits this Summer

Ahhhh. Can you feel it? Summer is so close. Everything feels a little more buoyant, a little brighter. We’re in the home stretch of social distancing, a sense of normalcy is returning, and there’s a collective energy that’s ready to throw the screen door open, run...

PC Gamers (and Parents of Gamers) Rejoice!

Of all the pastimes that took off during the pandemic, it’s not surprising that online gaming was one of them. After all, gaming offers excitement, new experiences, and social interaction, all from the comfort of home. It’s no wonder then that the gaming industry saw...

The Mothers of Invention: Women Who Blazed the Trail in Technology

It’s easy to imagine where we would be without women in technology. We’d be poorer for it. With Mother’s Day upon us, I couldn’t help but think once more about the stark employment figures I shared in my International Women’s Day blog just a few weeks ago. Millions of...

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