Do you know what your kids are doing online?

7 out of 10 teenagers
hide their online activity from their parents.

90% of boys & 60% of girls are exposed to pornography before 18.

Now is the time to get informed & protect your kids!

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Campus Suite Earns iKeepSafe Privacy FERPA Badge

November 9, 2021- iKeepSafe announced that it has awarded a FERPA privacy badge to Campus Suite. Campus Suite provides school districts with a unified school-home messaging digital platform that promotes measurable parent engagement. iKeepSafe’s FERPA badge is the...

Good Guy, Bad Guy

For the most part, I’d say the average person doesn’t enjoy being the bad guy in any sort of close relationship or tense situation. When given the chance, most of us would rather not create anxiety, strife, or conflict when dealing with the people in our lives we care...

3 Key Principles for Helping Someone with Sex Addiction

Two years ago, we launched something called the Live Free Community App to help men struggling with sex, porn, and lust find the support and resources  they need to begin their journey to freedom.  Almost one year ago, we also launched the Live Free Wives Community to...

Leave a Better Legacy

“Well, you know your father is going to watch his “movies” now, so you’ll have to say goodnight to him at this point,” my mom said to me regularly during my childhood. Porn was a non-topic when I was growing up. This was how our family “talked” about pornography....

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Protecting Your Kids from Porn

Here’s a fact for you.  The average parent wants to protect their kids from seeing porn. The reasons for this are many and completely understandable. This rings even truer when we are dealing with Christian parents or parents from some sort of faith background. Here’s...

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