Internet Accountability Software

Internet accountability is one of the most powerful ways
to Protect Your Kids online

Internet Accountability

Internet Accountability combines the power of good relationships with good technology. It really can change the way your kids use the web.

Parents act as the ‘Accountability Partner’ and receive detailed reports about how your kids use the internet and apps on their computer, tablet and mobile devices. If the software is removed, you are instantly informed.

When parents or mentors are informed about how your kids use the web, honest conversations can take place. Optional Filters can also add another layer of protection.

Considering the potential benefits, we believe the small effort and cost involved is worth it. Read more about the different software solutions available below.

Net Nanny

Net-Nanny-BoxNet Nanny® is the #1-rated parental controls software that protects your family from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and much more, keeping your family safe online.

Cost: Free trials and then from $4.99 (approx £3 or 4)  for a smartphone app up to $99.99 (approx £60 or 75) per year to protect 15 devices.

Why choose Net Nanny?
Award winning product. Filters webpages. Monitors social media messages and images. Instant email alerts.

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Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes software is used by thousands of individuals, families, groups, churches and organisations across the world.

They provide accountability software for computers, tablets and mobiles devices and can be installed on multiple devices at no extra charge. Multiple usernames can also be set up for individuals within a family or group using the same account.

Reports: Separate reports for each user (optional). Multiple accountability partners allowed. Frequency options: daily, every 3 days, weekly (default), every 2 weeks or monthly.

Sensitivity levels: Teen, Mature Teen, Mature, Highly Mature.
Alerts: Instant email alert to partner if software uninstalled.
Formats: Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.
Filter settings (optional): Restricted, Everyone, Youth, Teen, Mature Teen, Mature.

Cost: 30 day free trial and then from $9.99 (approx £6 or €7) per month.

Why choose Covenant Eyes?
Internet accountability. Customisable reports. Four sensitivity levels. Logs smartphone/tablet app use. Multiple users per account. Panic button. Optional webpage filter.

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Accountable2YouAccountable2You provide accountability software for computers, tablets and mobiles devices and can be installed on multiple devices at no extra charge.

Reports: Separate reports for each device. One accountability partner allowed.
Sensitivity levels: Strict, Normal, Less Strict.
Alerts: Instant text messages to Accountability Partner for highly objectionable activity.
Formats: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook.

Cost: 10 day free trial and then $4.99 (approx £3 or 4) per month

Why choose Accountable3You?
Internet accountability. Three sensitivity levels. Instant text messages to accountability partner for highly objectionable activity. Chromebook app.

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30 day free trial

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