Smartphone App’s Parents need to have on the Radar

By Wayne Denner


Consistently and without exception children and teenagers are switching to message sharing apps smartphone apps such as Snapchat, as well as having profiles on public platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In the schools I deliver talks in, around 80-90% of the pupils are using message sharing smartphone apps.

So over the past few weeks on here I posted icons of the most popular message and video sharing apps I think parents need to have on their radar. Just a fun quiz – without the names, to see if parents would recognise them on their children’s phone. Most parents admitted they only scored between 0-1 with the odd exception. But it’s not all bad. The good thing is – they tried it

As someone who works delivering education in this space, I don’t expect parents to be experts in being right up to date with apps. It’s just not possible to keep up with the pace of how quickly new apps are developed and released. But what is possible is keeping an eye on relevant information, which helps you become a more informed parent on the world your kids live in and how they communicate in that world.

So following up from those …read more

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