My Cyber Foray: NICE National K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference 2016

If I were a worrying kind of person, which I’m not, and I was concerned about digital theft, which I am, I would have made sure to attend the NICE National K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference this week (October 6-7, 2016) in Arlington, Virginia.

And attend I did, but not as someone who is afraid of the consequences of a digital world. Rather, I attended as someone who is optimistic about the digital future.  You see, I’m a strategy consultant in workforce and economic development, and I can see – in “cyber” – a bright future for America’s workforce.

A cybersecurity job isn’t necessarily about catching spies and hackers, although it can be.  The cyber world is much more than that, and I wanted to better understand how students are getting – or can get – a cybersecurity education.   I also wanted to get a feel for how many “cyber jobs”…

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