X-Plan: Giving Your Child A Way Out

We’ve all had those moments. Uncomfortable. Awkward. A pit of dread in your stomach.

You’re in a situation that you’d rather not be in. Can’t I wish myself away from this?, you think. Now – imagine that you’re 14 years old. Consider for a moment how utterly embarrassed, trapped and confused you may feel. When I was 14, the last thing I wanted to do was be ostracized from my peers. But, in all honesty, there were many times when I found myself in situations that I wish I had been smarter to find my way out of.

Roots of the X-Plan

As a kid, unpopularity sounds like THE WORST thing that could possibly happen to you. But what if there were a way to exit a scenario without losing face?

That’s what Bert Fulks, author of the now famed “X-Plan” came up with for his family. For those sticky situations that arise, all

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