Sending Your Tween Out into the Digital World

Summer is finally here, but there’s a not-so-fun part of summer vacation that can have lasting, serious consequences if your child isn’t prepared to avoid the threat.


Whether it’s more time staying up late at night, more screen time on computers or mobile devices, maybe even a new device—your kids might suddenly be faced with new internet dangers. It’s important to make sure your kids are prepared to spot potential digital danger and know how to handle themselves, especially when you’re not there. Covering everything from online predators to privacy settings to cyberbullying to identity theft can be daunting, so here’s how to get started:

Setting Rules and Boundaries

There are probably rules at your house. Setting limits on screen time, explaining what websites they can visit, and making sure they know not to download content from untrustworthy sources are all great first steps towards making the internet

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