FaceApp is back could it put your privacy at risk

Everyone is loving FaceApp the brilliant new AI app that can age you or ‘younger you’, change your hairstyles, eye colour and even your gender!.  One of the most popular features is ‘Hollywood’ giving your pic a film star makeover. The app really works well coming up with great results that could be quite close to the mark.  Even celebs like Miley are posting their results!

Presently it’s reported to have 80 million active users.

There’s just one thing they could do better.  And that’s to adjust their T & C’s.  Seriously.  I was speechless when I read it. But to be fair to FaceApp their Terms and Conditions are crystal clear.  They leave you in no doubt about the freedom you’re granting them – to use that pic in any way, on any platform. For ever.

At this point no-one really believes any of these platforms or apps are free? right? We all know it’s a trade for our information. But in the case of FaceApp it could be a step too far. Here’s a snippet of what they’re asking for – in exchange for fun selfie modifications. Read the full T&Cs Click Here

Terms of FaceApp as of 17/09/2019

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this, do you think it’s worth it?.

Stay safe online.


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