Bridging the Tech Gap: A Snapchat Primer for Parents

By Toni Birdsong

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I will admit there are certain things I’ve given up trying to change as the parent of a teen.

Like trying to get between my kids and their phones the instant they need to text a friend, Google something, or download an app. I’ve given up buying them watches or alarm clocks for Christmas only to find them tucked in a drawer still boxed (I’ve got my phone, mom, but thanks.). I’ve given up on buying the yearly school picture packages to send to Grandma (Mom, don’t you dare get those! I look like a goof. Use one of my selfies instead!). I’ve even given up on expecting my kids to answer their phones when I call. I just wait for a text to appear mysteriously just seconds after I can’t reach them.

As many things as I’ve given up trying to change about this generation of tech-tethered teens, there’s also a few things I’ve decided to change about me.

One of those changes was inspired by a marketing fundamental I learned long ago, which is: if you want to be heard, deliver content to your target market in the way—and via the channels—they prefer to consume it.

Because Snapchat is the preferred method …read more

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