Search Wars: #1 Reason to Tune-Up Your Family’s Privacy Settings

By Toni Birdsong


Search is big business for digital companies. The better a social network or search engine can narrow down and deliver information to a user, the better that business can monetize that search data for advertisers seeking to market to niche customers. Yes, it’s fun to connect and engage with friends online and share fun photos and updates, however, as parents, we can’t forget the bigger picture of the Internet, which is big business.

The ongoing digital turf wars between Facebook and Google brings this issue once again to the forefront as Facebook readies to release its new, improved search function. No longer is that big blue search bar on the top of your Facebook page just a way to find friends or business pages, it’s now a way to look up content on your friends’ pages . . . as far back as 10 years. And remember: When a company marries content (posts, photos, personal information) and keyword search ability, that equates to money in the bank.

This new search is great if you want to reference a prior post that contained a great recipe or a conversation about the name of a good doctor. All you need to do via …read more

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