Parent shares her story about how her son was bullied online

Laura, like many parents, didn’t even know what cyberbullying was when it happened to her son, Lewis. To encourage other parents to start a conversation about the issues and support their children, she shares her story.

“I had always been careful about Lewis having access to social media, even though all his friends were on Facebook,” says Laura. “When he was 11 and asked for an Instagram account, I agreed because it seemed the ‘safest’ social network. He could share photos, and I could follow his account to check that nothing inappropriate was being shared, or said.”

Regular monitoring of online activity reveal a problem

Some weeks later, Laura noticed a couple of odd comments on Lewis’ Instagram from accounts she didn’t recognise. That night, she checked his phone and discovered countless Instagram direct messages and voicemails from two boys at school who were threatening&hellip


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