Why Kids Use Secret Decoy Apps and Why Parents Should Care

Kids have been locking their diaries and hiding top secret shoe boxes since Sandy Olssen had a crush on Danny Zuko. The need for more and more privacy is a natural part of growing up. Today, however, some kids hide their private lives behind locked decoy apps catapulting those harmless secret crushes to a whole new level.

A decoy app is what it sounds like; it’s a mobile app designed for the purpose of hiding something. Decoy apps are also called vault, secret, and ghost apps and make it tough for parents to know whether or not their kids are taking and sharing risky photos with peers since the apps are disguised as something else.

A decoy app may look like a calculator, a game, or even a utilities icon, but it’s actually a place to tuck away content a phone user doesn’t want anyone to find. Kids use decoy…

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