Unplugging: How Small Tech Shifts Can Make a Big Impact on a Family Vacation

The smartphone is the one item that automatically ignites an inner struggle as we pack for that long-awaited family vacation.

On the one hand, we know we’d be trailblazers destined for an unforgettable family vacation if we “accidentally” left our phone on the bed and took off. On the other hand, that little glowing device is trip central. It houses our itinerary, maps, boarding passes, medical information, instant bank account access, and frankly, the best doggone camera most of us have ever owned.

For most of us, our relationship with our smartphone is one that will likely never move beyond the “it’s complicated” phase — especially when it comes to the unplugging conversation.

As parents, we all nod in agreement when given the litany of good reasons to unplug on vacation.

We all need to get our faces out of our phones and onto each other.
Family time comes first.
We can’t…

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