5 Tips for Parents to Help Teens Transition into High School

Butterflies in the stomach; falsely pasted smiles on faces at send offs; anxiety with the new beginnings. There are feelings without many words when sending a high schooler off to their next four formative years.

For the parents who have been accustomed to the first day of school drop off, the comfy meet your teacher night, the hugs and photos with your student before launching off are experiences left at the doorsteps of elementary and middle schools. The launch into high school is an exciting time for students and parents alike but wrought with anxiety and needs for new family conversations.

Here are some quick tips for parents to help their teens transition into high school. Help Your Teen Manage New Logistics
Most new high schoolers find themselves navigating a new campus and a more rigorous academic schedule. Your teen wouldn’t be caught dead having you walk your student

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