11 Easy Ways to Start Reclaiming Your Family’s Vanishing Privacy

Every day search engines collect our data, companies sell our information, prying algorithms stalk our clicks and our cell phones and apps spy on us in a new and concerning ways.

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

We’re in a privacy conundrum with our tech: We hate it, but we love it; we wanna toss it, but we need it. We love the ease of shopping online, connecting with friends, and downloading useful apps but we forfeit our data every time we feed the cyber beast.

So how do we partake in the many joys of the online world without giving away our family’s precious privacy with every click?

Taking back the privacy we’ve slowly given away online is an ongoing task, much like weeding a garden. We tend to it, water it, and do a little each day to maintain our piece of land hoping to yield a healthy harvest.


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