Online Homework Distractions & How to Stop Them

Many parents can relate to the nightly homework struggle—kids want to hang out with friends, watch TV, play video games, or do basically anything besides their homework. Once parents actually get their kids to sit down and get started, the battle continues with constant distractions like siblings, friends, and TV. But, one of the most prominent distractions today is the internet.

Obviously, the internet is an amazing tool and now most school assignments are done online or require the internet to complete. It’s opened up the world of education, but has also created a constant distraction for students. Multi-tasking seems to be the new norm and studies show students can’t stay focused on one task for more than two minutes. Most homework or studying time is spent in what Dr. Larry Rosen, professor at California State University – Dominguez Hills, calls “Continuous Partial Attention.” Students spend most of their time

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