Covenant Eyes Blog: A Safeguard for My Innocence

I’ll never forget the first time I found something inappropriate online. I was probably ten, and had never used the internet without my parents. At my mom’s law office, I was allowed to watch pre-approved movies or play games on the secretary’s computer when she was out. Many people used her computer, so I’ll never know who had been looking at the dirty images before I found them, but I was abhorred and felt utterly betrayed. But, even after this, I was rather upset when my parents installed a filtering software on my first laptop. Did they not trust me? Only recently have I come to appreciate their actions. While I might not purposefully seek inappropriate images, they are truly “all over” the internet and pop up unexpectedly. Surfing the web with friends who do not have filtering software taught me just how dangerous a tool the internet truly is.

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